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Relativity and reality

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    what is reality-even relativity gives bizarre answers: the mass of an object depends on its speed relative to another object and so does its length.Since objects in the real world are always moving at slightly different speeds from one instant of time to the next, relative to one another, reality only has a brief lifetime!
    However electric charges on individual particles seem to be constant.
    Are electric charges the only real, unchanging entities in the universe?
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    You've got it kurious. Designed confusion and obfuscation that can only be clarified by the reigning SR theorists, I mean priests. Another angle is considering the singular and collective support of SR theory by those who intuit, and correctly so, attacks on SR also threaten professional security considertions of the SR industry. :rofl:
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    As uncomfortable as it may seem to many (everyone is uncomfortable with it at first glance and some never accept it), what is described by Relativity is reality. As hard to accept as it may be at face value, if you approach it with an open mind and look at the evidence, you'll come to realize that.
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