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Relativity as a Consequence of Quantum Entanglement: Qtm Log. Gate Model (for Fra)

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    Relativity as a Consequence of Quantum Entanglement: A Quantum Logic Gate Space Model for the Universe
    Authors: John S. Hamel
    (Submitted on 7 May 2009 (v1), last revised 14 May 2009 (this version, v2))

    Abstract: Everything in the Universe is assumed to be compromised of pure reversible quantum Toffoli gates, including empty space itself. Empty space can be configured into photon or matter gates simply by swapping logic input information with these entities through the phenomenon of quantum mechanical entanglement between photons and empty space Toffoli gates. The essential difference between empty space, photons and matter gates are the logic input values of their respective Toffoli gates. Empty space is characterized by an inability for the logic inputs to influence the internal logic state of its Toffoli gates since the control lines are set to logic 0. Photons and matter are characterized by Toffoli gates where the control lines are set to logic 1 enabling their logic inputs to control their internal logic states allowing for their interaction according to the laws of physics associated with reality. Photons swapping logic input information with empty space results in the propagation of light. Photons facilitating the swapping of information between matter and empty space gates leads to the laws of motion including relativity. This model enables the derivation of many physical laws from purely quantum mechanical considerations including the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the Lorentz transformations of special relativity, and the relationship between relativistic energy and mass. The model provides a possible explanation for many physical phenomena including dark matter, anti-matter, and an inflationary Universe.


    I normaly do not pay attention to General Physics articles, but this one was ellected as one of the best of the arxiv.org by the arxiv blog!

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    Re: Relativity as a Consequence of Quantum Entanglement: Qtm Log. Gate Model (for Fra

    MTd2, thanks for digging up potentially interesting papers. I haven't had time to read this one. I'll comment if I get around ot

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