Relativity in simple

  1. hi!

    sorry to tell this but relativity confuse me abit too much.
    i have tried to read the explanation given in the internet, but i dont think that it was that very helpful.

    my question is- what is simple explanation of relativity? what is relativity?

    i thank you in advance!!
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  4. It presumes there are no preferred reference frames. When an object is moving inertially (with no acceleration), its motion can only be measured with respect to some other object - so if there is a relative velocity v between them - neither can claim which is moving Therefore an observer on either object can consider himself at rest and draw the same conclusions about space and time measurments in the moving frame of the other object
  5. Simple explanation? Sometimes the chicken crosses the road & sometimes the road crosses under the chicken. If it happens too fast, they need to slow down their watches otherwise they get a speeding ticket.
  6. Lol Lol Lol Lol
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    A mixed metaphor, Thrice, but funny :smile: If there's a sticky somewhere for physics jokes, I vote to add this one.
  8. thankz!!
    but i dont think i understood the chicken thing..
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    It was a joke, Cookie. If you want "a simple explanation of relativity", you might not get more than a joke, at least not from those who are well acquainted with relativistic physics and are familiar with the number and variety of potential misconceptions which newbies can bring to the table.

    Speaking for myself, if I could offer a truly simple explanation, I would have already done so.

    Don't misunderstand: it is possible to acquire a good intuition for str, using only a high school trig/geometry background, particularly if you have a strong geometric imagination and are willing to study a good book or two. But you probably shouldn't expect to gain much enlightenment without expending much effort. See the websites in my sig for some suggestions at various levels of mathematical expertise.
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  10. oh ok!
    could you suggest me a book which i could browse through for a study on relativity?
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    Sure can. See Note that my recommendations are roughly organized by level of mathematical background. Mastery of linear algebra, tensor calculus, and so on, is essential for anyone who wants to really master gtr, but you can get some superb intuition from the semi-popular book by Geroch!
  12. thank you!!
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