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Relativity makes the Quantum world possible

  1. Oct 10, 2003 #1
    After analysing the velocity limiting factor of
    c,the contraction of time space I've drawn the
    the following conclusions about the quantum world.
    First you place observers on atoms moving in all
    different directions at nonrelativistic and relativistic
    velocities,then these atoms emit light.
    Since the light reaching atoms from it's plane
    of reference cannot be greater than c you will
    find that different observers will see
    events yet to happen to other atoms, (ie light
    striking these atoms)these are possibilities in
    the future.Events are only made real when the
    event actually happens to the atom that it's
    observer will see. In the world of relativity an observed event
    may or may not happen depending
    on the final position of the atom that it was to
    occur to.
    This is the only explenation of the quantum
    world that makes any sense to me, but don't
    take my word for it because John Wheeler drew
    almost the same conclusion that the universe
    consists of many branches of reality, any comments.
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