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Relativity mass

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    Hello, i have problem with an homework about relativity. i wonder if anyone here could help me solving this assignment below or help me to find any good formulas?

    Two particles each with the mass m are moving with the speed v toward each other. They collide and coalesce to one bigger particle. The new mass of the particle is now 3,0m. Determine v.

    Grateful for respons :)
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    Hi uebmeister, welcome to PF!

    Have you learned about four-vectors, specifically the four-momentum? If not, what formulas have you learned that contain relativistic energy mass and velocity?

    We aren't allowed to do the homework problems for you, but we can point you in the right direction. I just need to know what you have been taught so far.
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    We have learnd about the four vectors for a time ago, but our teacher gave us this assignment and said that we were suppose to do this task by deriving formulas and thereby solve m. I have been sick for a while and therefore m i totally new for this so i donĀ“t even know where i m suppose to start. So do you have any clue?

    The formulas i know are:

    relativistic mass

    The energy of moving


    Movement energy

    I have the possibility to search for formulas in a formulary
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    Since the particles are each moving at the same velocity and their rest mass is the same you know that half of the total mass comes from each. So each particle has a relativistic mass of 1.5 m. So the easiest way is to solve the relativistic mass equation for v.

    However, I dislike relativistic mass as a general concept, so the way I would solve it is to use the norm of the four-momentum:
    [tex]mc=|(1.5 m c, 1.5 m v, 0, 0)|[/tex]
    and again solve for v.

    Either way will work.
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    Okey, thank you i hope your advise will help me :)
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    mesiter.....you are not supposed to post homework questions here.....

    use the Homework & Coursework Questions area.

    [You'll eventually get in trouble with moderators here.]
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