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Homework Help: Relativity problem, calculating invariant P2u*Pu2

  1. Nov 4, 2007 #1

    good veiled I have a problem in relativity ,how to show the following relation disintegration is considered one particle a of mass Ma was at rest desintegre in two particles 1 and 2 of mass M1 and M2


    Pij: I in index and J in top
    P2u=Pau-P1u and P1u=Pau-P2u
    I have of problems to calculate l'invaraint P2u*Pu2

    in P2u:2 and U in index ,I makes: P2u*Pu2=(Pau-P1u) * (- P1u+Pau)
    I developpe and nothing with the result

    thank you for the blow of inch!!!
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