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Relativity/speed of light/gravity

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    I'm not really asking for myself, but there is a really, really long topic on blitz forums(blitz is the programming language that i'm doing my physics engine in.) Guests cannot, however post to these forums unless they have bought blitz.

    http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/posts.php?topic=26762 [Broken]

    here's the topic I'm talking about. it's currently 154 posts long, so if you got some time to spare or this is your kinda topic, check it out. It includes a person who's convinced everything is just a scheme for gaining money (flameduck). I'd be happy to say somthing (as a quote or a hyperlink to this topic) of course.

    Hmmm. interesting topic really covers a lota of bases.

    BTW I'm 'bot builder' and yes my arse really does effect tidal waves..... (well it does)
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    Looking at the first page, the answer is...

    You can't travel at the speed of light. If you could, then relativity doesn't work, so we can't say what would happen.

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    Yes, the correct conclusion should be: as your speed tends to the speed of light, your mass tends to infinity therefore it is impossible for you to travel at the speed of light.
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