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Relaxation rate

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    i encountered for relaxation term in studing "role of single qubit decoherence time in adiabatic quantum computation":
    relaxation rate=n(Mx^2+Mz^2)s(w10);
    n=number of qubits
    s(w10) is summetrized spectral density ofthe baths
    Mx=((1/n)[itex]\sum\(sigma x^{i}_{1,0})^2[/itex]))^(1/2)
    Mz=((1/n)[itex]\sum\(sigma z^{i}_{1,0})^2[/itex]))^(1/2)

    where 1,0 is the two lowest states.
    whats the origin of relaxation rate equation? can you give me the reference that i know how it gained?
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