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Homework Help: Relay Race

  1. Aug 31, 2004 #1
    In a relay race, each contestant runs a distance 24.8m while carrying an egg balanced on a spoon, turns around, and comes back to the starting point. Edith runs the first distance 24.8m in a time t1=19.3s . On the return trip she is more confident and takes only t2=time 15.1s .

    What is her average velocity for the entire round trip?

    ok this question seems so easy, but i cannot get the right answer, which is really bugging me.

    (24.8+24.8)m/(19.3/15.1)s = 1.44m/s

    can someone help?
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    Why do you think that's wrong ? It looks fine to me...
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    it's wrong...well for our college, we submit our answers to an automated sort of server and it checks your answer.
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    this is a trick question. the average velocity is the displacement over the time. the displacement is zero because she is back where she started. i think you should protest.
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