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Releasing information

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    I know alot of people who are afraid to release information online. like their phone number, address, where they're from, etc.

    but nobody pays attention who what you tell the people around you. for instance:
    you're getting a haircut and you get one of those people who talk alot. they ask where you're from, where you're family is from, and your name. but you would normally tell this person, even if you don't know them.
    it's the same scenario online, except 'you don't want to tell these people, they can steal your information'

    but so can other people you meet. so why do people have a greater fear of online predators?
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    Good point. But I wouldn't release such information if I'm around people who appear/sound/smell? dangerous...see it might be sorta risky there. But in your barbershop, I take it you don't see too many "dangerous" peoples and you get a good look at the people/things around you. Therefore, you feel safe!
    But online?? Almost Anything/anybody can happen!:tongue2: -Which is why we hold information confidential
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    the barber thing was just an example
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    Minors should be told not to give out any information to ANYONE. Children can be duped into just about anything if the person approaches them right, weither it be on line or in person.

    I don't give out my info to anyone in person, except for the city I live in, and perhaps a business card to my shop.
    I have a few on line friends who know more about me, but only after years of communications with them.
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    Well the problem is that you wouldn't give this information out in public! Or well, at least I sure wouldn't. i don't think many people will give their actual address or number out to a random stranger (unless of course htere stupid teenagers who want a date).
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    I picked up my computer geek friends' extreme paranoia about personal info online a while back. They were the type of computer geeks that were online before there was an "internet" and were involved in less than legal activities. Anyway, some online friends of mine started refering to me online by my real name one day and eventually I was mostly over it. Currently I don't mention my name online and I don't mention where I work because I'm security and the company I work for may not be very happy if I were to be talking about what goes on at my work online. I also don't want the students where I work finding me online. One of them already has though, so I make sure not to talk to him or post any personal information where he might be able to read it.

    There's a big differance between posting info on the net, such as here, and talking about something in public. For one I don't talk to random strangers about personal information though I may mention personal information to people I do know in public. Online anybody who happens by, out of millions of people all over the world, could potentially see what I'm saying. In public and speaking I have much more control, and a better idea, of who is listening in. The other differance online is that someplace like PF here what ever I type will be up for quite some time until deleted. Someone could practically google for the information if they had any idea what they were looking for.
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    Don't criminals get their hair cut too? :wink:

    I pretty much draw the same lines. If I wouldn't talk about something to a stranger at a bar, I won't talk about it online. Some people don't even think about who's listening in around them though. I've heard people discuss transactions on their cell phone while walking through a mall or sitting in a restaurant where they're giving out phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Then again, there is some information that's pretty publicly available, so it hardly matters if I give it out online or not, because it can be obtained anyway. For example, if I introduce myself to someone by name, all they need to do is head to the phone book to look up my phone number and address if they really wanted that information. Then again, all women know the trick of giving a fake name if they aren't sure they can trust the person they are talking to. :biggrin:
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    well, ther are ways to get people's info, house address, phone num, and even a background search:

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