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Releasing science theories

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    Greetings , my friends!

    Haven't asked that question in public before but for now I thought it might be beneficial to do so since You guys know stuff around here.
    What do to if You've came to a some kind of science theory? ...new therorem in maths , law in physics or alike which seems to have no conflicts with the other aspects and manages to unify the existing ( and perhaps even solve some paradoxes ).
    Would it be a good idea to form it into a document and realease it off the internet? Is there any organization or place where it has to be looked over and would those people there be trustable enuogh if the idea might be a Good one? Or should we just forget about it? Or be as advanced as not to worry about earthly fame at all and thus not care about who's name gets associated with it? Or...?
    Thank You for all the help!

    All the Best!

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    I am sorry, but if you do not have a strong formal education in the field covering your "new theory", how do you know that it is new? If you have a formal education then in the field covering your "new theory" then you will know how to present it, and who to present it to.

    You may present questions about your ideas, but please do not fall to much in love with them. Be prepared to hear criticisms.
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    If a theory is to have any merit it must withstand the strict scrutiny of peer review. In that regard, the internet, kiosks, blogs or vanity press do not cut it. Nor are sensationalism or hyperbole any substitute for supporting data arrived at with scientifically accepted protocols and rigorous analysis.
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    Keep in mind that current theories are actually extremely detailed and amazingly accurate in pretty much all of their predictions. As integral said, in order to really understand the problems and the limitations of current models it is an absolute necessity to have a strong formal education in the science that relates to the model in question.

    To a big extent, the idea that a person can, working alone and without formal training in science, arrive all of a sudden to a revolutionary idea that nobody has though of before, is very much a fairy tale.
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