I Relevance of the Rydberg Constant?

The Rydberg constant is not a property of any single atom. You seem to think it should be, but obviously the community disagrees.
I wouldn't say this. I have merely pointed out that the historical origins of the Rydberg constant are closely associated with the spectrum of atomic hydrogen. There is a Z in the formula which is obviously assumed to be 1 if you are dealing with Hydrogen. But if in principle we are able to calculate the Hydrogen spectrum without the use of the Rydberg constant , then why not the rest as well ? I do appreciate that shielding effect of electrons from inner orbitals etc comes into play but that is equally applicable to the Rydberg model. Point is whatever model we do have for Hydrogen is the foundation for all other elements (simplistically by changing the value of Z in the formula).

Am very appreciative of Cthuga's detailed responses - many thanks to him. Thanks to all - for that matter. This discussion has been / is a continuing education for me.
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