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Reliabilty of complex systems using F-V algorithm for approximation

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    For a system with minimum cut set (C1,C2,C3),(C4,C5,C6) and (C4,C5,C7), Using the F-V algorithm, calculate the first and second order approximations given P[C1] =P[C1] =
    P[C2] =0.107, P[C3] =0.168,P[C4] =P[C5] =0.0478,P[C6] =0.0921,P[C7] =0.102
    Answers, Ist order= 0.002366919, 2nd order=0.002366017

    Attempt: Ps1= C1 AND C2 AND C3=.107 *.107*.168= .001923432
    Ps2= C4 AND C5 AND C6=.000210433764
    Ps3= C4 AND C5 AND C7=.00023305368
    p[F] IST ORDER = SUM OF Ps=.001923432+.000210433764+.00023305368=.002366919

    Second order approximation.? Please can anybody help me with how to come up with the second order approximation, based on the above. Tried a couple of text books but still lost. Remember all minimum cut sets are in parallel as per block diagram but C6 and C7 are in series.
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