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Relief from homework

  1. Mar 26, 2003 #1
    Is there something in this forum that will help you loose the stress from homework? I have been sick these passed few days with one of those bad 48 hour virus's and now I have tons of homework to catch up on that I didn't do on Monday because I was so sick and knew I wouldn't be going to school the next day. Well I guess I better leave for now... I have a project to finish (its a powerpoint) then I have a spanish thing to do that takes about an hour (or so I have heard) then I have to do 8 questions on seismographs and Earthquakes then I have some questions in Math but I believe it is a mix of questions because in 2 months I have a huge math test that covers the past 3 years worth of math :frown: Any help here?
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    Sorry to hear that Nicool.
    But alas, the only solution for homework stress is to get it finished.
    So get back to work and party on Friday.
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    The best way to loose stress is to have a good night's sleep. Just forget all about your homework and sleep early. You'll feel better the next day and don't procastinate, your workload will just get worse.
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