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Religion called SIKHISM

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    Hey All,

    As majority of you people are mainly from europe.A few of you would have ever heard of religion called SIKHISM.

    As many of you would wonder "oh!!!...another religion",its strictly not that way.Every religion has its own ways of describing God whether its through a miracle, moral or any other ways.

    I brought this thread to all of you because after reading the metaphysics forums ,I feel most of you are confused about the concept of God.And me being a SIKH , feel completely satisfied about God.And maybe my explaination would def. help some of you.

    The fact that the depth of this religion is so much correctly in accordance with everyday happenings and many of western people have resorted to this religion because its so much simple.


    http://www.jain.8k.com/image/sikhism.jpg [Broken]

    SIKH means "disciple" . Now if you think plain and simple .A disciple can be a christian/muslim/hindu/buddhist. So this religion has no bounds to what type of person you are and even if you dont know about this religion, you are an integral part of SIKHISM.

    God is not a physical being.It cannot be touched,can be felt,It is like an Energy , it is everywhere and is in each of us.

    If you people have noticed Jesus , there is an "aura" around Jesus Christ's head , this means the person is enlightened. Aura means that "part of the energy of God belongs to him" which means that the concerned person has found THE ENERGY in himself.That’s what defines a GURU , the one who has “that part of Energy”.Aura around the head is a relevant concept and can be seen outlining a person’s body in complete darkness.

    Further, SIKHISM is not a rligion as we define it , it is a “way of life”. We had 10 Gurus who existed from 14th century to 16th century , this just tells that it’s a sort of new concept and is almost in accordance with the daily happenings. And we pay homage to these 10 Gurus by visiting the “temples”, not because we want to know about God about something,its because these people were few of the trillions of the people who deciphered the knowledge Of GOD, an energy that is in each of us and has to be found out personally. Our 11th Guru is the “Guru Granth Sahib” which has the holy writings of all the 10 Gurus and it describes God in each and every sense and tells the ways how to be a part of that Energy.

    LIFE AFTER DEATH: Our First Guru Said that , as we are part of this UNIVERSAL ENERGY , and because this energy will always remain as it is forever, once we die , we are always born again. He said that we have total of 84,00,000 of birth cycle which is repeated time after time once we have completed one cycle, we are born again in the same Energy , that is not necessarily on earth but also on other possible planets,showing a stron truth that life exists elsewhere..And out of 84,00000 , there’s just one time , we get to be human being and all other births are of that of animals,insects,water animals.. etc. And in this one birth , there’s our chance to become part of THE ENERGY because only a thinking MIND can decipher the energy.That is why “BEING A HUMAN BEING IS YOUR only chance to be a part of the energy,” .Once we die, we are born again, its just that we change our physical appearance, the soul remains the same.

    Jesus, Shiva , Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak , Mohammed were all those people who are part of the ENERGY and are considered immortal because they are always a part of that energy , and are our only inspirations how to become like them. Its just a fool of ourselves that we have made different religions out of each of them!!

    You can go to any SIKHISM site and learn more about it.Along with being a modern religion , it also has some traditional facts that you might like to learn.
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    Great. Are you the guys that wrap money around each other at weddings?
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    A religion it is.
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    discussions regarding religions are no longer valid in this forum..
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    Heard of Sikhism ? I used to live in Birmingham !
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