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Religion = product of evolution ?

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    First, sorry for any grammar errors because English is my second language.

    This thread got me thinking about atheism and evolution:

    From the most of replies in that thread I came to conclusion that people who don't believe in GOD have these similar outlooks on life:

    - Thoughts of suicide
    - Loss of interest in life, pessimistic outlook on life, etc
    - or find escape in drugs, sex, alcohol, other "pleasures" in life

    I will say right away that I'm neither a believer nor advocate for believing in supreme being only to have a purpose in live. I'm rather agnostic with more influence toward atheism.

    However, the point of this thread is the role of religion in evolution. I personally know about 8 Christian families, and each of them have more than 5 children. Three families have more than 10 children each. This got me thinking on evolution and religion. Evolution favors species with greater offspring. Religious people tend to have big families in most cases because of theistic reasons. Just look at muslims, catholics, hindus. So I began thinking that maybe a religion is a product of evolution to help human species produce more offspring therefore increasing the chance of species' survival.

    Another factor in evolution is morals. Most of religions preach to be good to others. I must admit some religions provoke wars as it did happen before, and is happening today, although, not on a large scale as several centuries ago. So with time, we and our religions have evolved to a more peaceful society compared to Middle Ages (just an example). Morals prevent most (not everyone) humans from going berserk and annihilation of others. One of the points of religion is to provide morals to masses. In other words, religion encourages compassion and prohibits murder, thus, allows for increase of specie's population by preventing unnecessary death caused by lack of morals or pointless and unrestricted (in a social way) lives..

    My point is that religion is a part of evolutionary process with intent to produce more species.

    I have to admit that some religions are still evolving like Islam. It is similar to what Christianity has been many centuries ago.
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    Chi Meson

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    You are so wrong. It was only after finally ridding myself of the bits of religion that remained that I have felt the complete opposite of what you "concluded" there.

    I wanted to get this in before the thread was locked.
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    You came to a pretty stupid and bullsh!t conclusion then.

    No where did anyone say anything of the sorts in your list Chi responded to.

    You're going to have to show where people said these things in other threads, because it reeks of BS.

    Side: I found a copy of Letter to a Christian nation in my house, im going to read it tomorrow. Its a small book and should take a day. Anyone else read it?
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    Strange. Most people I know that are religious, have had those issues at one time... or still do. I would say the pessimistic outlook on life is a very common one with those that follow religions, as in 'this life' is meaningless compared to what happens in the possibility of afterlife.
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    Are they Irish?
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    Th OP's premise is so wrong, this isn't salvagable.

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