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Religious people who speak in tongues

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    Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    What are they actually doing? Some of them think they are speaking legitimate foreign languages. Are they just babbling the first thing that pops into their head thinking god's speaking through them, or... well I don't even know what the alternative could be, logically. I know a handful of friends that start doing this, and it doesn't really sound like gibberish, but I doubt they just mysteriously learned a new language. I have seen videos of people trying to do it, and it does sound hilariously like gibberish, so I'm not sure.
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    Char. Limit

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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    Well, the Wikipedia article on Glossolalia doesn't seem to mention a certain cause, so who knows? It does seem to rule out mental illness, though.


    Glossolalia = Speaking in Tongues
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    There are two types of 'tongue speaking' recognized by some churches. One is a 'angelic' language and the other is sort of a 'gift' where the person speaks and any person of any language can understand them,.

    The angelic language is basically just mumble jumble. Some people claim that they can understand it but I highly doubt it. I had asked one time for a person who could understand it to tell me what the 'angelic' language that a recordin was saying.... they told me some ******** where I promptly told them the 'angelic' language was actually a German recording. Funny huh?
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    Speaking in tongues is a holy experience for those who have enter into the realm of the Spirit of God. And can be easily misunderstood due to lack of knowledge and faith regarding this holy experience. (1st Corinthians 14: 10 & 11, 23 -25 )

    There are two types of speaking in tongues.
    1) UNLEARNED earthly human languages spoken supernaturally communicating the Gospel
    and the secrets of the human heart resulting in repentance, fear of God, the awareness
    of God's presence and God's knowledge in the midst of such a people who speak in
    tongues. ( 1st Corinthians 14: 24) (Acts 2:16-18)

    PRAYER LANGUAGE: That is unknown to the speaker but is spoken only to God by a
    person or persons who are yielded to the Spirit of God and to God's word.
    (1st Corinthians 14: 2) (1st Corinthians 14: 10 & 11, 13 & 14) (Mark 16:17) (Jude20-21)
    (Romans 8:26 & 27)

    Tongues are not for everyone because either they are not aware about its avalability to
    those who believe or lack of intrest in the supernatural things of God or the fear of
    being carried away by so called false doctrine or having been taught an error by
    teachers who have developed a taste for Theory or theology and deny the power of
    God.(1st Corinthians 14:1,18,39) (1st Corinthians 12:30-31,14:1)

    Both types of tongues will cease when we see Christ face to face and have entered
    into His Perfect Reign.At that time Knowledge and prophecies will also cease.
    (1st Corinthians 13:8-12) (1st John 3:1-3 ) (Revelation 21:4)
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    AKA It's mumble jumbo believed much the same way that people believe when the healers touch them or 'put fire on them' they are more closer to god or better etc..

    As well for many churches that follow speaking in tongues it is forced upon the people who attend. They are told they are not accepted by Jesus etc. until they speak in tongues which confirms they are 'christian' basically. Since everyone around them is speaking in tongues it seems fit psychologically speaking that they too would start speaking in said 'tongues'.

    Until the Christian God comes down from heaven and blesses me with the 'knowledge' he supposedly gives to the Christians through the holy spirit I'm gonna remain highly skeptical of such miracles.
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    Char. Limit

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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    It is rather hard to keep Jesus out of a discussion involving a topic that is mainly related to Christians...
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    Please remember this is a website of science. If you cannot stick to that, then take your thoughts to a different forum.

    Specifically, the following is not acceptable:
    • mocking others
    • making assertions without justification
    • preaching Christianity/atheism/whatever
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    Wanna straighten out your ideas and try again??
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    Char. Limit

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    Referencing the second paragraph, if you know English enough to play with the words "use" and "abuse" and to know the connotations of each, you're already close to mastering English.
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    Hurkyl - While I personally believe that the 'speaking in tongues' is a bunch of hokum ... it is a part of some people's life.

    I read John's post as an explaination of the action in believer's terms (for the non-believer) and no attempt at preaching or prothelizing. It has a useful place in a science forum.
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    I have some... Well, close experience of it. I had a certain family member who was in periods very deeply involved with sects engaging in glossolalia. When I was about eight, he started trying to manipulate me into dabbling in it too, and had some short term success with it. According to him, what he spoke in tongues just "came into his head", from his perspective a divine gift. He also got me to try it, and I just started rambling whatever nonsense came to my mind (karaba, I think). So I would assume that it's usually just spontaneous exclamations. Just try for yourself, start talking random nosense. Askadar alarafa kaberarakaltara... It's not hard.
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    No one can speak in tongues unless inspired and moved By the Holy Ghost.Any imitations or remarks against this holy experience can be a sin against the Spirit of God.
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    Re: Religious people who "speak in tongues"

    I suppose you have some back up for that bald pronouncement. Who are you to say that someone has sinned?

    Can you sin against a spirit?

    No matter - this is too close to theology (even if more like Montry Python theology) to be in a science forum.
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