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Religious poll

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    Out of curiousity, I was wondering what religion everyone here is apart of, if any.

    edit: The poll wont post D;
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    Unitarian Universalist.

    Perfect religion for me. I have a Christian background, but have a hard time considering myself very Christian in my beliefs. UU has a Christian background, but it would be inaccurate to consider it still a Christian religion.
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    Chi Meson

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    I am an atheist, but I have never taken it to the point where I will go out and declare "I am an Atheist."


    I think I just did.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Heathen. Wotan and Thorr and suchlikes.
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    I'm a Scientologist. I worship L. Ron Hubbard.
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    Jonathan Scott

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    I'm a Christian Atheist; that is, I think that Christians have a good system but their god doesn't exist.

    (I'm also a slight flying-saucerist, although only by elimination because I'm even more sceptical of the alternatives. I'm inclined to agree with Josef Blumrich that the most plausible systematic explanation for the amazing description of helicopter-like machines in 2 Esdras and Ezekiel, Elijah's whirlwind, "Chariots of fire", the pillar of cloud/fire that leads Moses, the "Glory of the lord" in the New Testament, the star that appears to the wise men and various other references not only in the Bible but in other religions, is some sort of flying saucer!)
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    Pastafarian here.

    FSM > All
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    I'm a follower of The FSM(flying spaghetti monster). I want a God that isn't an evil mass murdering psychopath that forces me to accept his twisted moral values. Plus, the FSM can feed you for an eternity.
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    Thus Spoke Zarathustra
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    Haven't you heard? The proper term nowadays is "faith community."
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    Semi-militant atheist. You can believe whatever you want to, and we'll get along okay; try to convert me, and I'll fall on you like a ball of neutronium.
  19. Dec 20, 2009 #18
    I believe in Sorry! being the one true God.
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    Isn;t that the strangest co-inky-dink.

    I was just asking myself if one could adopt Christian values without having to adopt the God along with it.
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    I am interested in all sort of things that can make me calm, bring peace to my mind when I need it, or re-energize me when I am exhausted.
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