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Reloaded (warning: semi-spoilers)

  1. May 18, 2003 #1
    I was slightly disappointed with The Matrix: Reloaded.

    WTF was with that big rave orgy? Orgies are nice and all, but it just didn't fit and was pointless.

    Also, I got rather sick of the vague way in which people spoke...not only vague, but nonsensical. I just wanted to say "Say something that makes sense, damnit!".

    If I lived in the Matrix's world, I would think that Morpheus is a frickin' wacko.

    The action was very entertaining. Top notch. However, I wondered how people who could move fastly enough to dodge bullets would be fighting at speeds that the human eye can see.

    The way that stuff happens in The Matrix is too organic. It's a computer simulation. People can't form magical computer connections with sentinels. And how is it that a program can take over your body through interacting with you in the simulation, rather than sending commands over the network?
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    OK, so what's the coolest part and how does it end?
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    I was disappointed in the timing of some of the scenes.

    There were some fight scenes which were just dragging on forever without going anywhere (If you saw the movie, you know which one I'm talking about), and then there were scenes where the dialog was just going on and on and on.

    I'll second the sentiment about the dance.

    I'm still impressed by the movie, though. Not as revolutionary as the first was, but what are you to expect?
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    I really like the movie, and about the orgy, it makes perfect sense why they were engaging in that. Increasing your manpower makes sense right?

    There is one thing I don't understand, why do they want to break free from the Matrix? Life inside of the matrix looks better to me than the one outside of it..
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    They are slaves, and are being used as energy sources for artificial life-forms that want to destroy Zion; why shouldn't they want to escape?

    P.S. What orgy? I missed about the first 5 minutes of the movie, so I might have missed what you are talking about.
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    You'll have to go watch it.
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    It's not really an orgy, just a big dance/rave thing.

    I think the movie lacked impact in it's poor choice of music for most of the action. The fight scene where Neo takes on many Smiths is one of the most glaring examples.

    Overall, it was a good movie, the story is not bad. I especially liked the guy who played "the source".
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    I've been saying that for a few months now. Why should I care if you use my body for a power source if it doesn't bother my experiences?
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