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REM: New Theory

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    Apparently they have been coming up with new information in the past few years that indicates REM sleep is not actually the only time we dream during sleep, nor does it seem to be the result of dreaming. This particular article makes an interesting case for the rapid eye mevement having a purely physiological (non-psychological) function:

    [Journal:Spring:98] REM: It's About Eyes, Not Dreams
    Address:http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/news/journal/journal-o/archives/jour_v18no2_0006.html [Broken]
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    I haven't read this whole paper, but it looks quite interesting:

    Address:http://goodelyfe.healingwell.com/dreams/REM [Broken] art.htm

    His main point seems to be that REM is controled by a part of the brain called the pons which, if damaged can cease REM activity in a person without ceasing their dreams. Conversely, certain kind of frontal lobe damage can stop people's dreams without stopping rapid eye movement.

    It may be that the link between REM and dreams is casual, rather than mutually dependent.
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    link: http://goodelyfe.healingwell.com/dreams/REM%20art.htm [Broken]

    (fixed from above)
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    Thanks, ƒireƒly. I forgot to check if it worked.
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