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Remainder theorem

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    whats the remainder when x^X^x^x.... is divided by x-700^(1/700)
    leaving answer in whole number
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    I think it's called B├ęzout's theorem (you may wanna check it out in your textbook,though;it's been a while since i graduated h-s).I have a hunch that,even though the first "polynomial" (the power tower) is infinite,the remainder will be power tower of [tex] 700^{\frac{1}{700}} [/tex],which is a number.

    But of course,it doesn't make any sense,this "remainder" cannot be checked upon,because you can't do an infinity of divisions.

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    but my teacher gave us the problem,and said we should leave the answer in whole number not exponent.i guess abia must have posted series of these questions in other forms.so i still need help with it.i know the remainder is in the form (700^1/700)^(700^1/700)....
    but it should be a number
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