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Remebering pi! Going beyond remembering 3.14

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    I recently though it would be kewl to remember pi up to 256 digits :rolleyes: Ok, im a little wacko. :grumpy: My original idea was to remember 1 digit per day. But in the last three days, I have already memorized the first 18 digits. I couldnt help but look.
    In any event, what would be the absolute best method of doing this? I have found it good to remember them in two number segments instead of one. And of course, I wrote a software to help me out.

    P.S. sorry if this is posed in the wrong forum; I didn't know where else to put it.

    This may take a while :rofl:
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    Use a calculator :P
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    calculator :tongue2: what would that do, exatly?
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    I think memorizing is inefficient! I just remember the arctangent algorithm and run the numbers in my head to get the desired number of digits! :biggrin:
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    It can be inefficient, but I think it depends on the method of memorization.

    and the proof in that, is an asian man recently recited pi, to something like 80, 000 decimal places..
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    He must have broke a record. The max I have heard is 40,000 digits being recited.
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