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Remember Hitch.

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    Rob D

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    For those of you who knew of him and loved him, Christopher Hitchens returned to the universe one year ago today.

    I did not personally know him but I was an avid follower of his writings and debates for many years. Amongst his friends however he numbered many great scientists, physicists, biologists, cosmologists and public intellectuals. These included Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins, Neil Tyson, Sam Harris and many others.

    You should watch Lawrence Krauss' remarks at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ImIziEINXI

    I cannot watch it without shedding a tear. To see greatness so cruelly ripped from us far too soon is a hard reminder of how finite we are. Today I sternly asked myself just how I had spent this past, precious year.

    Rob D
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    Christopher Hitchens is so awesome. I get so much joy from watching his videos and it is nice to know his battle against ignorance hasn't died.
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    Holy cow, a year already?

    I'm embarrassed at how much I enjoy watching people like Hitchens, Dawkins & Harris break down things that I don't believe in anyways, but it is somehow highly entertaining. I loved the aggressive sting that Hitchens had in his arguments.

    Needless to say, he was a great and entertaining debater, and I miss him.
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    He was awesome, and he will be missed =/
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