Remember IE only opens one window at a time?

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remember "IE only opens one window at a time?"

ya, i had a thread like that a few months ago, that went horribly off topic, (discussions of why i should get rid of IE and switch to firefox or whatever...)

anyway, problem hasn't been fixed... matter of fact.. its worse. now, if i want to open a new window, the window i'm in freezes up, and the new one goes to my homepage. this happens when i click a link... or whatever... its really really annoying, especially because now i have 7 frozen pages up all over my desktop. i went to download adaware, but it can't find the .exe file. dunno why... i can try downloading spybot i guess... and maybe some other stuff... but i dunno. this sucks pretty hard core.

any advice or suggestions? its my family computer that i don't really use much... but my laptop, (see other thread) is currently retarded.


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Use an anti-virus and spybot and adaware... thats all i can say :D

Check for a new version of IE maybe? Get updates? Give your computer a hug? Works for me sometimes
I think people should not use IE all together. You may want to try installing SP2, it fixes alot of problems in windows and IE.

Yeah I have to agree with dduardo. My dad uses IE and I got tired of helping him with that, so I taught him how to format his hd and reinstall windows, so now whenever he gets anything he does that. Moral of the story don't use IE!
ddurado hit the nail on the proverbial head here. You should reload windows, download firefox set it as your default browser and forget IE is even on your system unless you come across the few odd sites that (UGH!!!) require that you use IE.

How does the old Chinese proverb go?

"Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me."


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Go get Autoruns from [Broken]
to see what starts up on your computer. Google any strange program names... there are websites that tell you about them... whether they are harmful or not. Autoruns can help you disable them. has a list of Browser Helper Object (BHO) that may have taken over your broswer.

Never click on popups... especially those things that offer to set my homepage or offer me a "free utility" for my computer.

As has been suggested here and elsewhere, upgrade to the newest version of IE :tongue2:
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Autoruns, is a very nice tool ;-)

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