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Remember log in.

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    Since I need to use a public internet computer from my work situation, I don't want my log in memorized. So, I dont select the memorize tick. Now, when I want to post I need to log in. After quick posting, and hitting OK unfortunately a message appears stating that you need to log in first. And whatever you do, the post in gone. It goes without saying that this may have steam-out-of-ears potential. In an otherwise great forum.
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    George Jones

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    I also don't check the "Remeber me?" box. I find that this only happens if it takes me a substantial amount of time to compose my post. I use a couple of work-arounds.

    Keep a second physicsforums browser window open. After finishing your post, switch back to the other window, refresh the browser, and look at the top right corner to see if you're still logged in. If you are not, then log in. Switch back to the post window and send the post. You can ensure that you stay logged in by periodically switching to the non-post physicsforums window and refreshing.

    Alternatively, after finishing a post, highlight the entire post and do a Ctrl-c.
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    The remember login is most likely controlled using cookies. One way to avoid that situation is just to use the remember login and do whatever it is one does, and then remove all the cookies from the browser. As it is a public computer, I do not think anyone would mind.
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    If you click on the "Log out" option, rather than just close the session, the cookies will be cleared; it deletes the "Remember me" effect.

    At least it does so for me.
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    That's correct. When you get on the computer, "Log in" and click "remember me", then when you leave the computer "log out".
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    The point is not that don't know the ways around. The point is that it would be nice if it's monkey proof. When I have my grey cells loaded with data, I tend to forget preparing to make a big post in word or something, making sure to have a back up and all. So I'm in the monkey mode then. It's just highly dissapointing that half an hour of work or more goes down the drain as the back button does not work and the post is absolutely lost, while you seem to do nothing wrong.
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