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Remind you that Jupiter is really close to Earth

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    Nothing big, just to remind you that Jupiter is really close to Earth, you can see it just right from the Moon; I think that it’s one of most shiny objects on the sky tonight, and nights to come.

    It just weird you imagine it like the biggest object after the sun in our system, and jet when you see it like just one little dot near the moon, somehow you realize how distant it all is, how big is our system, how weird is that force of gravity. It makes you think.
    It's great, and seeing it with your own eyes can’t compare with millions of equations we wright and understand... ehhh humans :)
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    Agreed 110%.

    I love just sitting outside with my scope at night for a few hours and just thinking. :D
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    Sort of off topic, sorry--

    I once read a (possibly apocryphal) story about two great quantum physicists chatting about the philosophy of Q.M. One of them said to the other, “Do you really believe that the Moon isn’t there whenever you aren’t looking at it?”

    Some member will probably be able to say which two physicists are supposed to have had this come up in their discussion.
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    I am taking a wild guess here, but I would think that Neils Bohr would have to be in a conversation like that.
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    Thanks, Harsh. I wonder if it could have been Einstein saying that to Bohr?
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