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    Yeah, so i was looking through the archives at every post i've ever made. And its really neat to see the way my posts progressed. Originally, i only ever asked question, i didn't make many statements that could be refuted or argued. I was too scared. most of you don't know this, but i'm terribly insecure. don't ask me why, and i know i don't show it, but i am. When i first joined here i went through wicked mood swings. I'd get all depressed if i post and everyone ignored it, and more depressed if people commented on it negatively. But i'd get such a high when someone would agree with me, or just say something nice to me.

    eventually i grew out of that, and i was able to post and get replies with less emotion. That's when i started all those fun sex threads. Sex tends to be something i'm pretty comfortable with, so when i'm in situations where i'm trying to relax and fit in, i always talk about sex. Course, i still mostly started my own threads, tried to stay away from commenting on everyone else's. I was wicked wicked insecure.

    Now, i can be shot down just as thoroughly as anyone else without bursting into tears (quite an accomplishment ) I'm pretty comfortable with people around here. But its just so amazing to see how much i've grown since joining. Whats even more amazing is how closely my behavior here follows my everyday behaivor in the real world. And i know i've only been around here a few months, but i already feel a twinge of nastalgia when i read those old threads. Also, half the time i never even finished reading the threads. There are a lot of posts i never read way back when. And even cooler is when i see threads with replies from people then who were just nobody, and who now i'm like buddy buddy with. Like... i can see the humble beginings of our friendships growing here in pf... haha ok i'm a nut

    hmm.... also funny to note how long my posts are compared to my begining. I'd have never written anything this long back then. WAYYY TO SCARY! haha. well anyways, i'm still sick... and that homework still isn't very done...
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    PF claims another victim..


    nah! good to hear you're enjoying the forums :) I actually liked you coming in, you are such a fresh air! Hope you feel better soon..
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    Yeah, I was a bit like Gale17 when I first joined, only instead of depression when people ignore my posts, I made my posts much more formal than they had to be. Felt a bit odd when I didnt get replies. But now, when im ignored, I make a joke about it. (see Just A Buncha physics jokes). Also, I've gotten much more informal and relaxed in my posts.

    P.S. Guys, what are you all waiting for, Go post in the General Discussion thread, "Just a buncha physics jokes." The jokes are getting funnier every day. And I'm getting tired of telling jokes to myself.
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    Yeah, I hate it when no one notices me in the physics & math forums.


    - Warren
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    Its also kind of odd posting, because most, if not all of the other members seem to have a least 3 years on me.
    Some even have 30 or more.

    Ya chroot, I dont much like being ignored either. Kind of like no one wants to post in my jokes thread.
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    I guess you are just to meek, perhaps if you were to speak your mind people would notice.~^

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    Gale your experience has been identical to mine... When i was newer, I replied about Xeno's Paradox question, and didnt answer it very well... Someone pointed out the fact that I didnt answer it well(with an insult) and I almost had a mental breakdown...

    I am still very wary of the math and science section, but im reading alot outside of PF so i am becoming more familiar with math and physics lingo.

    As you can see now, i am perfectly comfortable with taking an insult in the politics forum, because i know as much(and probably more) then most people in there.

    Just thought i would let you know, i fealt exactly the same...
  9. Oct 29, 2003 #8
    hey, I haven't seen you around before, you must be new here:wink:
  10. Oct 29, 2003 #9
    my first time on here I made nice impact by having this arguement with mentat about age wisdom, and experience. I can't explain it to you, but you'll understand when you're older:wink:

    But really I've probably gone quite the opposite. I've done a lot more learning than talking I think, the more time I've spent here. It's been a growth experience for me. I think I came here looking for some answers on tesseracts and 4-dimensional space. (ya I'm a big nerd. But I never intended to be a teacher here, only a student.

    That reminds me, what ever happned to our #1 poster? Mentat, you out there?
  11. Oct 29, 2003 #10
    In response to my second or third post at PF some smart-assed flamer decided to accuse me of having an Oedipus complex. I have stalked him through the forums ever since whacking him with my Oedipus walking staff whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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    Growth is a continual process Cool, I've always wanted my very own stalker. Does he come with the optional death threat letter made from cutouts accessory? If not, I'll just have to go with Mob Boss Ken and hooker barbie

    The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can deal with it. Acceptance is the first step:wink:
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    I accepted my Oedipus Complex a long time ago, and I will never forget who brought it to my attention.
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    Well, I once was sent a long email by a member saying that my replies had nothing to contribute to his threads and if I would rather refraid from posting to them in the future

    we all have to deal with people like that

    the trick is to know your place and say, you know what: I DO have got something to say
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  15. Oct 29, 2003 #14
    This is a pretty scurrilous way of trying to deal with someone: behind the scenes E-Mails. In your position I would have been tempted to copy the E-Mail over into the thread.
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    I thought it was very big headed too :) who does that person think it is? lol it is already a long time ago though, haven't seen people like that anymore
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