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Remix Songs

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    Hey Everyone!

    I am looking for a free piece of software I can download that will let me play around with some music on my computer. You know like slow bits down and speed some up, maybe even add a bit of drums or something like that. It would be cool to make some Fatboy Slim like tunes.


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    Audacity can do most of that. It doesnt have a drum machine, but its good otherwise. If you have a Mac of course there's GarageBand.
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    I have one called http://www.trakax.com/ [Broken]. It doesn't have any built in sounds or anything but you can import them I guess and maybe find some plug-ins or what have you. It allows you to add various layers and adjust them independantly, adding effects and distortion and so forth. It also has the added bonus of a video editor but I'm unsure just how much you an do with that feature other that strip its sound and or layer new sounds on.
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    Thanks you two I'll have a look at both.
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