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Remote audio and video.

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    Hi I think this may be a dumb question but what the heck...

    So i have a very small remote camera with audio, the thing is the size of like 4 dice.

    But it doesn't have good range with the reciever, only like 30'.

    I do a lot of electronics and have made remote controll circuits useing encoaders and decoaders paired with ASK transmitter modules, so if I was to take the the data line going to the transmitter circuit board of the camera and run it through an ASK module that has greater range, then do the same on the reciever, would it work?
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    Although this question is impossible to answer without knowing the details of the transmitter and receiver, it it doubtful that it would work because it is unlikely either the transmitter or receiver will have enough bandwidth to handle a video signal.

    Why don't you try this? http://www.hobbytron.com/pdf/Tv6E.pdf [Broken]
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