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Remote control pingpong collecting robot help

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    Hi guys, my friend and I are creating a remote control pingpong collecting robot and so far we have the basics to make it move forward and backward; however, I have no clue in how to clean up this mess of the wires flowing from the motors to the remote. Any help is appreciated and I'll include a picture of the mess.

    Btw, the robot sometimes won't move because of this problem. >_<

    I was thinking of running these wires through some hose tube but not quite sure.

    thanks guys

    http://home.comcast.net/~theonehero/71725609861_3300_1.jpg [Broken]
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    The most typical way is something like split-loom that has a cut along the length of the corrugated tube or a spiral type you can wrap around the wires. The split-loom is fast to add/subtract but doesn't hold well and you need zip-ties where the wires exit to prevent them from slipping out. The spiral is better at holding together but can be tedious when adding/subtracting wire.


    Then you have the expandable braided tubes, they are the biggest hassle to add/subtract wires if you are making changes but look the coolest and offer good wire protection.


    If you wanted to make things a little more permanent, you could even encase everything in heat-shrink tubing, but that could be a very large challenge.

    There are many sources from a local radio shack or stereo shop or auto parts store and I used the links above because they have nice photos. The split-loom is cheap and readily available and used in millions of cars right from the factory.
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