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  1. Has anyone here happened to design a remote control.....
    I am just into i am looking for information to understand how can we go about doing it..
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    Most (not all) IR remote output is a 40khz(about) carrier modulated with the output of a UART.
    You could possibly use your computers com port to modulate the carrier if you can adjust the output word size large enough.
    IIRC remotes use 10 or 12 data bits to the normal computer setting of 8 bits.
  4. sorry for interruption, by designing a remote control, do you mean, reprogramm a remote or create your own from scratch?
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    If you have a Handheld, such as a pocket PC, then you can use its infrared port to program a remote control, for a TV for example. There are programs available for download that do this, don't know of any open source ones though. My Dell Axim has an infrared port.
  6. we(i and my friend) are actually trying to make it for general for devices like tubelight,fan,etc.etc.

    i have actually prepared images what it would look like
  7. where can i find the remote controller reprogramming programs heartless?
    what ifi wanna do ,for ex:a remote controller for a certain tv brand,say a toshiba tv remote works with other brands?such as(lg,samsung,sony,hitachi,etc),i wanna make the one use remote to be more wide use for many kinds of tvs,how can i do this?
    thanks in advance_:)
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