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Remote controlled car - Bluetooth Controlled

  1. Aug 4, 2005 #1
    Hi guys...

    Just saw the Paintball gun thread...gave me an idea of updating my old toys...

    I want to make a simple remote Bluetooth controlled car controlled by my cellphone. Basically, it's like your old IR controlled toy cars but instead of using IR, I intend using a Bluetooth connection. Furthermore, it would be nice to control the car using a Java applet on my cellphone. I think SonyEricsson made one so if they can, so can I!!

    I'm building the car using an Atmel AVR mega8515 microcontroller (mc) for the car control. I know the "car" functions can be handled by the mc (a friend of mine used a similar Atmel chip a few months ago to make a car) and I'm sure the controller can handled serial data I/P so it should be capable of handling the Bluetooth.

    Oh, and the cellphone thing .. I've never used Java before but my cellphone ONLY accepts Java apps so some help there would REALLY be appreciated!! :smile:

    Any ideas anyone?
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    i've tried the nokia forums... no luck there :/
    seems no-one knows much about java+bluetooth
    maybe javabluetooth.com ? but i couldnt find much there either
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    I have the info about java programming on bluetooth, see :
    http://www.benhui.net/modules.php?name=Bluetooth&page=Connect_PC_Phone_Part_1.html [Broken]

    That is about communicating between PC and mobile phone with bluetooth.
    It is not difficult.

    But, the most difficult thing is that what can be used to decode the bluetooth dongle output signal? How to understand that signal?

    Can you give me the info about using Atmel AVR mega8515 microcontroller (mc) to control a toy car?

    Many thanks!

    Alan (alanacvATyahooDOTcom), please replace AT with @ and DOT with "."
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    i wanna help u, in one city called Ardacan , a person has done about this case. if u wanna know more , send e-mail to adn.
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    To give you some ideas, here are a few examples of controlling a model car with another in the family of Atmel microcontrollers, the Mega32: example01, example02 and example03. Here is one example using the Atmel AVR Mega 8515.

    Those exampes are from an EE course at Cornell Univ. My only association with the university is that I visited there a few times (even went up to http://www.news.cornell.edu/Chronicle/97/1.16.97/Sagan.GIF [Broken] adjacent to it.
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  7. Jan 11, 2009 #6
    you may consider contacting a toy company called danbar toys
    i know they are looking for new idea to develop their remote controlled cars.
    take a look at the http://www.danbartoys.com/rc-vehicles/rc-cars-super-lunar-car.html" , i know for a fact that they are looking for new ways to improve it for 2010. they must be interested in funding this remote control project
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  8. Feb 17, 2011 #7
    I am trying to design a J2ME program for my cell phone to be able to connect to my bluetooth device from my car thru my phone bluetooth, does anyone know how to design this type of program?
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