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Remotely Operated Quad Bike

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    I am looking to modify/convert a Quad Bike and make it remotely operated and was wondering if anyone had any advice (from a Mechanical Engineering view) on where to start my research or any other advice they could think of with regards to getting the project off the ground. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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    What's a quad bike?
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    In the UK, the legal definition is "a vehicle with four wheels and a mass of less than 550 kg".

    They are usually based on motor bike parts, often with handlebar steering and designed for off-road use as well as being road legal. Yamaha make a range of them.

    Presumably they are called something different in the USA. Google will find pictures etc.

    They range from serious off-road work vehicles (some with 4WD) to things that look and perform rather like a superbike with twice as many wheels as it should have.
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    Thanks. I will look at this.
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