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Removal of space

  1. Oct 31, 2008 #1
    Newbie question...

    Is there ANY space at the point of singularity? Any space between any of the known type of particles, or is everything (energy, matter, photons, quark, muon, boson, etc... anything and everything in existence) squashed into a single point less any open space?
    Is this the picture of pre big bang? If so there would be no speed of light, correct? Speed of light would not exist until space was introduced into the equation. Is that correct? I believe relativity states gravity is the warping of time and space. Could it be argued that gravity is the lack of space and time? Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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    When quantum theory is taken into account, point particles and singularities are not allowed.
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    Why is this? Is this to say that two point particles cannot be made to touch or merge?
    If they're not allowed how do you get back to the point of a Big Bang?

    Thank you for your feedback mathman.
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    Current theory about the big bang starts from a very short time after time =0. What the state of the universe at t=0 is a matter of guesswork, trying to reconcile General Relativity with quantum theory.
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    Nobody knows...quantum mechanics and relativity breaks down at singularities.....it's of the form 1/x as x approaches 0 or y/x as each approach zero.....math breaks down....You can also think of a singularity as analogous to a point of discontinuity....like a sharp point amidst a smooth curve...describing such situations in physics requires a unification of quantum and relativity theories....

    In a black hole, for example, the "center" may be better described as the location where time ends....or spacetime comes to and end....

    If PLanck length is really the minimum length, then nothing exists at smaller distances, not space, not time, just roiling energy... space,time,matter become may become energy..

    Perhaps.....or not. It's speculation...pick your theory "infinite" big bang, finite big bang, quantum fluctuation, big bounce, bubble universes....and many other theories....some naturally admit pre existing space and time, others are completely unclear....
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