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Remove Bayers filter

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    Hello, I want to make B&W camera, for UV photography. I already destroyed two ccd's by trying to remove it. First stopped working after tiny golden wires were damaged. About second ccd I don't know. When I putted it into smartphone, in camera mode it showed black image. It seems that I didn't cut wires, but just short circuited with another or maybe I damaged pixels with screwdriver. I'll check latter
    Problem is that it is impossible to remove bayers filter chemically(I used acetone), only by using something sharp. When I rubbed ccd with cotton and acetone, first I got matted surface and later red, I couldn't go further I know that acetone is powerful organic solvent, so is it possible that dyes are inorganic?

    Fresh ccd, that thing on surface is not wire.
    Sensor after scrapping
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    No suggestions?
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    This looks like a very interesting project and I have no suggestions for you other than perhaps post this in the astronomy board. Monochromatic CCDs appear to be common in that field.
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    I'm afraid you won't have any choice but to use a chemical or vapor strip process. The tools involved in grinding over the surface of a die are extremely fine, and you won't be able to replicate this with a knife.

    If your in college, I suggest going by the chemestry department and attempting to get help from a grad student or prof.

    They have the proper chemicals, tools, and means of disposal to make short work of your project.

    The trick is to find the proper solvent / reagent. I've had ok luck with with methyle-ethyle-ketone (MEK) and great luck with methylene chloride when disolving stubborn polymers. Just be sure to use it in the lab with the proper support. It's bad stuff to use without a hood. Also, watch out that you don't eat your packaging.

    Best Regards,

    Mike in Plano
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    I bought used JVC camcorder and will try to find out if CCD module can be manufactured that already would be monochrome, without risk and loosing microlens.
  7. Sep 18, 2012 #6
    Also impossible to remove on JVC camcorder rubbing with acetone and scrapping with blade, but on older camcorder I easily removed it. Maybe that sensor has glass plate on top of CFA?
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