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Removing Pb from water

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    [SOLVED] Removing Pb from water

    Could anyone get me going with this?
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    Ksp=[Pb2+][Cl-]^2 by definition.

    You are given the KSP and Pb2+ values, simply find the concentration of Cl-. You will notice that you will need a LOT of salt to do this, and creating highly saline environments in water sources kills a lot of plants and wildlife.
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    Wow, so it is that easy. Thank you very much gravenewworld!:smile:
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    Ok, however don't do it with hot water, or you'll kill people (PbCl2 is quite soluble in hot water).
    Furthermore, precipitating Pb with Cl- obviously take in solution the anion and this one can be not appropriate itself for a drinking water: NO3- for example.
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    jim mcnamara

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    This sounds more like Chemistry 101 homework than somebody with bad well water. But, you never know.
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    Agree :approve:
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