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Renaissance & Little Ice Age

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    The European Renaissance concurs with the transition in climate from the Medieval Warm Period to the Little Ice Age. A long list of famous winter painters is headed by Pieter Brueg(h)el the elder, showing a harsh climate, which nontheless did not seem to affect the further devellopment of the European nations that much. Instead ice skating for instance was an excellent alternative for transportation when the rivers and lakes were frozen over.

    So a friend decided to dedicate a history thesis about the Renaissance and coping with the cold. How did they do it?

    Hints, discussions, sources of course, are very welcome.
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    It is a suprise to me that anyone survived the medieval age anyway ,without another hardship to endure.
    Food must have been a major problem, i guess meat would be almost impossible to obtain for the commoner ,as their lords would control/own
    most of the game.
    But then i think they ate many things then that we would not, small birds, hedge row berries etc
    Housing would be difficult to keep warm ,so clothing would have to be thick or multi layered ,i guess wool for the commoner and furs for the lords/rich.
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