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Rendlesham forest update

  1. Dec 13, 2003 #1
    I saw a show, UFO Invasion at Rendlesham at 9/8C on SciFi, and they came to these conclusions:
    -There were two landing sites.
    -the new one was out of the lighthouse's veiw, so the lighthouse theory is out.
    -The depressions on the ground were supposed to be exactly 12ft center to center, leading to a theory that the craft/s were not ET
    -There were fissionable materials or weapons stored at the base, that were not supposed to be there, they violated some treaty.
    -One guy who's name I can't remember went under hyponotic regression, and said he was held captive by DS8 or C8, he wasn't sure. Some time later, documents were released naming a gov't group called DS8 as being involved with UFO investigations, and apparently this was not known to exist before.
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    I saw that too. What was the lighthouse theory?
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    The lighthouse theory was that the officers were probably drinking or stupid and couldn't tell the difference between a UFO and a blinking lighthouse. I have always hated that theory because Lt. Col. Charles Halts seemed like an honest man in the interveiws I saw and the whole theory is an attack on his and others credibility and honor. The stupid skeptic on the show, before they realized there were two different landing sites, even brought this up as being the most likely one, right to his face! And then (still before the two site realization) he insisted that he didn't mean to be offensive, that that's just how it seems to him.
    This really made me mad because people say stupid things like that to me all the time, usually to the effect of 'Not to be mean, but (obvious insult)", and they truely believe that putting that 'not to be mean' part in front actually negates the insult.
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    Ah yes. Saying "but" before any statement usually negates the previous statement.
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    I agree. Dr. Phil says that "(something), but (something else)" is the same as "(something). Now forget that, here's what I really mean: (something else)".
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    Stealth prototype??

    I used to live in Orford near Rendlesham but have only just taken an interest in the incident. Has any consideration been given to the possibility that these objects may have been some form of Stealth Aircraft being tested by the Military. I think at the time that the only stealth type aircraft in operation was the Blackbird being flown out of Mildenhall or Lakenheath. Development may have been underway for what we now know as the Stealth Bomber.
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