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Renewable energy/water treatment engineer wanna-be

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    Hi, I am a third-year physics major at a liberal arts college in USA. I decided to study Physics because I want to be involved in renewable energy field or water treatment field.
    I want to go to engineering school for master's or Ph.D for either of above fields.

    For renewable energy,
    I only have shallow ideas about general requirements for acceptance into engineering graduate school, or what type of engineering I want to pursue. I can see that electrical engineering will be useful no matter what; but I am not so much interested in that. I also can see that ME can be useful in terms of designing.

    For water treatment, I haven't taken any chemistry in college. But I believe there are programs that I can get into for graduate studies in water treatment with BS in physics. I am interested in desalination plants, Reverse Osmosis, and water filtration devices.

    If anyone of you out there has similar interests and currently in the pursuit of same goal, or who are already in graduate school studying renewable energy, can you help me on below questions?

    1)What would be general requirements(the courses I should have taken) to apply to pursue either of above fields in graduate schools?

    2)What schools are excellent for either of above fields?

    3)Are there any books that you would recommend for either of above fields?

    Thank you so much in advance..!
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