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Renewable energy

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    What sort of courses would make me best equipped to work in the renewable energy sector?

    I'm increasingly interested in working in the energetics industry, but I'm currently studying physics and chemical engineering. Would mechanical engineering make more sense? Could someone who has worked in this field offer some insight on the opportunities there?

    Thanks :)
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    It would probably depend on what aspect of the renewable energy industry you wanted to get into... wind, solar, geothermal...

    What you may really want to check up on is what faculty at your present institution are working on a project in your particular sub-field of interest.... what department(s) are they associated with... would it then be a good idea to switch into that field (maybe, but it might not be necessary)? Is there a chance that you could even work in one of their labs to gain experience and get a direct mentor on a term by term basis... to tailor your electives to your interests?
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