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Renting: rooms, appts, etc

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    i'm moving to arizona in 6 days as some of you know. (can't wait!) i'll be working at a summer camp until the end of july, at which point i hope to have found an appartment and another job, (fingers are very crossed.) i won't have my car either, it couldn't make it. so, i know there's a lot of if's and nothing is sure or certain, but i'm going for it.

    anyway, i started talking to this random guy online about moving. and he offered to help get me settled in, (help with car, appt, and job.) which, yes, sounds sketchy, BUT it got me thinking more seriously about what the heck i'm going to do. a friend told me about www.craigslist.org so i've been perusing that. so it looks like appts run for around a grand to two grand. obviously way too much for me. but then, rooms, are only a few hundred. i can afford a few hundred easy. i'll be working full time. even working at mcdonalds i could afford a 400 dollar appt. add in utilities and food, thats totally doable. i live a very inexpensive lifestyle, so i can't see any problems.

    of course now i'm thinking... this seems way too easy. half of the rooms i'm looking at are SOOO NICE!! they have pools and super nice rooms. the ads all seem friendly. it doesn't seem scary at all. i was afraid i'd have to live in some bug infested place with psycho roomies. but this seems so simple and not bad at all. so why don't people move out more often??? i've been living in a tiny room with a roommate the last two years. this seems AMAZING compared to what i've lived in. so where's the catch??? am i missing something?
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    Um..that link...uhh?
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    sorry, hehe. fixed it.
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    The catch is that you're not going to be in a tiny, expensive, college town on the east coast anymore. There are still very affordable parts of the country for living, and it seems you've found one. Out there, they probably think $400 for a room is expensive (the students around here would too), which is why they look so nice. Then again, you still have to see them in person. Everything can be made to look great in a photo, some will be, some won't be.
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