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News Rep. Ney pleads guilty

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    And there you have it!
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    (Tom D., Bill J., take a hint.)
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    And here's my PF post about good ol' Bob from waaaayyyy back in January:


    And, what do you know? My hat was right! :biggrin:

    "...false allegations made against me have become a distraction to the important work..."

    gotta love that optimism!
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    This one's next:


    "Honorable explanation" - that means he puts on airs and goes "I admit I did bad things. They were wrong. I feel sorrow for the American people." Of course you have to be more eloquent and honor-filled than that; Mr. Jefferson, may I recommend the Bob Ney statement referenced in the above NYT article? Or perhaps you would prefer the more pathos-heavy Randy Cunningham episode from last spring?
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    Back to Bob Ney.

    Guide for corrupt congressmen: when you get caught, how to excuse your actions.

    Ney makes excuses.
    Ney excuses his excuses.

    Ironic he thinks up alcoholism. Look what this United States Congressman accepted bribes for:

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