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Rep tensor product of GL(2,C)

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    Hi PF bloggers,
    I'm trying to decompose a representation of [tex] GL(2,C) [/tex] on [tex]C^2\otimes Sym^{N-2}(C^2)[/tex] into IRREPS and I'm wondering if there's anything similar to Clebsh-Gordan coefficients which could assist one in this task?
    Any good references one could point out?
    Happy holidays!

    P.S.: action is described as [tex] g(v\otimes w) := g(v)\otimes g(w)[/tex], and '[tex]Sym^{N-2}(C^2)[/tex] ' is thought as homogeneous polynomials of degree (N-2) in two variables.
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    To decompose a tensor product of representations of GL(n,C) into a direct sum of irreps, use the Littlewood-Richardson rule:

    In your case, C^2 is the standard representation represented by the partition (1), and Sym^{N-2}(C^2) is the representation represented by the partition (N-2), so the decomposition is

    Sym^{N-1}(C^2) \oplus S_{(N-2,1)}(C^2)

    where the second thing is the irrep corresponding to the partition (N-2,1). See this for one possible construction:
    A more combinatorial description can be found in Section 2 of this paper:
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