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Repeatablity of flowmeter

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    Can a flow meter whose scale has graduations only 2 units apart (e.g. 90,92,94,96,98,100) have a legitimate advertised repeatablity of 0.5% of the Full Scale?

    The scale runs 0 to 100 so that'd mean readings repeatable within 0.5%. When marks itself are 2 units apart how does this make sense?

    In particular, I was referring to this instrument:

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    That means that for a given flow, the bob will always return to within .5% the same spot every time. Not sure how the spacing of the scale lines could possibly effect that.
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    In the sense, if you do not have a fine enough spacing of scale lines how do you know it returned to the same spot or how close to the same spot.

    I guess an external mark, but to a user of the instrument isn't any repeatablity less than the minimum scale graduation a lost metric. How can he use it?
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