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Repel forces of magnets

  1. Jul 14, 2015 #1
    Just wanted to know,

    If I have two magnets of the same size with a pull force of say 30kg and use them to repel each other, the top magnet at a position close to the surface of the bottom magnet would be able to support around 30kg (I know repel force is not measured in kg). If I then replace the top magnet with a smaller one will it still be able to support around 30kg at the same position as it is still being repelled from the bottom one with around 30kg of force?

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    The force between two magnets is (ideally) dependent on their orientation and the strength of their magnetic moments, which are not necessarily related to size. If you decrease the magnetic moments of one of the magnets, the total force is going to go down.

    So why do you use it? Please stick to proper physical units.
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