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News Replace Rumsfeld

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    Help by signing a petition:

    http://www.johnkerry.com/petition/rumsfeld2.php [Broken]

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    If people like John McCain and Chuck Hagel (who've both expressed no confidence in Rumsfeld as Sec. of Def.) can't get Rumsfeld out of there, I don't know what on earth a petition started by John Kerry would do. Incase you haven't noticed, not having the will of the people at their back has never stopped the Bush administration before.
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    Is Rumsfeld supposed to stay for the whole second term ?
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    These petitions won't work, just shoot him.
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    He's not "supposed" to do anything in a constitutional sense. He can resign if he wants to, and he will resign if Bush wants him to, but there is no reason he can't/wouldn't want to stay for the whole second term unless there's a huge scandal involving him.

    But considering all the crap he's already done, he'd pretty much have to be caught electrocuting someone's genetalia while jacking off to be forced to resign.
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    What good would that do? What if someone like Wolfowitz was appointed to replace Rumsfeld? Killing Rumsfeld wouldn't mean you get a Sec. of Def. that's any better than him, just one with a different name.
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    Him and whole White House administration for treason ! :mad:
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