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Replacement plunger

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    The toilet was overflowing the other day, and I didn't have a plunger. Water was spilling out over the sides, so I grabbed an empty bottle to fill with water in the hope of lowering the water level in the toilet. Within a few seconds of submerging the bottle's opening in the toilet, the toilet flushed...bad-arse!

    It could be a coincidence, but it seems to me that the bottle filling with water caused a vacuum effect, much like a plunger, jostling the clog and allowing the toilet to flush. So if you are ever in dire need of a nonexistant plumber, try a bottle (or, really, any sort of container, I suppose).
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    Any chance you were naked and screamed eureka as the toilet flushed?
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    I'll keep that in mind. It just might come in handy some day.
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    Don't forget there is a shut off valve down behind the toilet and you can shut off the water to stop the overflow when there is a clog. (if you act quickly)

    So, which direction was the opening of the bottle pointed?
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    Typically, the shut-off valve acts to keep the tank from filling. Unless the toilet is malfunctioning, or you want to keep someone from flushing by accident, it's useless for preventing overflows.

    Regarding the lack of plungers - if you pour a caustic chemical - like bleach or coca cola - into the toilet, then it can often disolve the clog quite nicely. If the clog is not a complete blockage, then the slow flow of water will usually eventually loosen it.
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    Away from me!

    I had it pretty horizontally oriented, the the opening half below, half above the water level. If my hypoethesis is correct, as long as you don't put it in opening down (in which case the trapped air would not permit water to enter), it should work.
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    Away from me! That's funny.

    Did you know that if your poop floats you have too much fat in your diet.
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