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Replacing a new compressor

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    Hello to everyone that reads this,

    I have to replace an old compressor with a new one. The trick is that i need to calculate the everything about the new one before i put it in. So i can convince everyone that it's a smart choice. The vapor compression cycle will remain the same, will still utilize the evaporator, condenser and old valve. I have temperature/pressure readings at all of those spots. From that I've determined the cop throughout the cycle at various temperatures/pressures. Now i need to make sure that compression ratio of my new compressor will work in the that unit! How do i go about that? I've also calculated the efficiency of the compressor at all of those temperatures. I don't want to over shoot it and compress it to much before the condenser and then it'll be in the sub cooled region, which would make it useless, i think. So point being, anyone know where i should start and what i can set in stone with this new compressor

    Thanks guys
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    Welcome to PF!

    This is an odd request. Typically a compressor replacement is pulled straight out of a catalog or selected by a sales engineer - there isn't anything for the purchaser to calculate.

    Do you have the make and model of the existing condenser and its compressor?
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