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Replacing Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint

  1. Oct 29, 2011 #1
    Hi, Supposed just for sake of discussion and theoretical understanding, a house
    with poured reinforced concrete foundation columns and beams are found
    to have one of the sides trespassing the neighbor due to incorrect land survey
    before it was constructed. Now the whole say left side of the house will be
    removed along with the entire left foundations from column base to beam
    column joint to girders to the roof girder of the second floor and the entire
    wall. Now supposed you would put a new steel I-beam as column foundation
    and new girder and new walls. Can you just cut the reinforced concrete
    beam near the end and just put it on top of the 6 meter I-beam without
    support at the middle of the beam? What shearing force would be encountered
    when this beam end is in contact with the I-beam by just putting on top of it
    and maybe adding a steel staple to connect the two. Let’s say the reinforced
    I-beam is 1 yard in height and 1 foot in thickness with 6 pcs of 20mm Rebar
    inside arranged 2 at top, 2 at center and 2 at bottom. I read elsewhere that
    reinforced concrete beam-column joint has opposing shearing forces at top
    and bottom of it. But when the end is cut and the rebars are not connected
    to anything but just imbedded in the beam concrete. And the entire weight
    of the second floor is supported by the 6 meter beams and the beam ends
    are cut (removing the original concrete column and joint as described above).
    Would the end be stable enough to support the weight of the whole concrete and
    second floor assuming there was no earthquake. What if there is earthquake and there
    is lateral movement, would the end of the beam just give way? Anyway. How do you
    attached the cut end of the 6 meter beam to a new column I-beam at the sides to give
    strength not far from original without having put support to the 6 meter beam halfway?
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