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    Hi everyone,
    I just have a question for general PF advisors and visitors. Why is it that pushes you away from answering to a thread question?

    I posted two threads during last few days and I realize I made a mistake by cramming large text in one paragraph in the first post, but second one was much simpler and smaller, and much more organized and still nobody replied.

    I'm not trying to be rude, and of course don't expect that someone has to answer my question, but was just wondering if maybe I'm doing something wrong or my question is something that I need to discuss with my school advisor and people don't want to give their opinion?

    I do read old threads on academic advising, and was wondering what is it that pushes you away, since my threads weren't deleted or moved so I figured they were fine, plus I apologized for the first long thread as well.

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    Hi jaska22,

    It's really not uncommon for others not to reply to your thread. I've started a few threads which received minimal replies before. I'll say just be patient. Generally specific questions (coupled with a detailed background) take a longer time to be addressed, especially if the questions aren't easily visible from the the chunk of text.
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    Thanks Deffender, that helps to know. I read other threads a lot and have found some of answers to my questions there as well, and I'll keep patient also:smile:.

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    Occasionally someone will post a question that nobody can answer. Its not anyones fault, just outside the experience of all the members that read that thread.
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    I understand now. I was just too inpatient.

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